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Now with Wireless Remote Control

or Speed Control

The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit

 Most Powerful Kayak Motor
Best Electric Motor For A Kayak
Kayak Electric Inboard Motor

Skimmer Kayak Motor - 24 lb thrust -

 for kayaks 9 feet and up     $397.00 / $421.00

For many years, the Skimmer has given hundreds of paddlers the means to "Return Home Safely".
Easy to install, two great mounting plates to choose from -
The "wide" plate, or the "narrow" plate.
Three bolts installed later, and you are cruising down the waterway at 3-5 mph.
Battery Operated and so quiet, you only hear
the water rushing by.

24 lbs of thrust means endurance and speed for all size kayaks and canoes from 9 to 14 feet, powered by a simple 12 volt battery.

It is also light enough (6 lbs) to carry in one hand.

Now there is no problem heading into the wind and traveling against the current, because the Skimmer kayak motor will get you there quickly.

Two Control Options:



Wireless Remote Control

Our Wireless Remote Control System is for those who don't need or want bulky wires to the operator.
The device is attached to the battery in the stern.
The Skimmer Motor is operated by a control fob device with the press of the on/off buttons. You keep the Control Fob on your PFD, no wires!
Now you can start or stop at the touch of a button.



PWM Speed Control


Our Speed Control System is a Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) system that you connect to the motor and battery.

Speed is controlled through a gradient dial in a waterproof box, providing 0-100% of power.

This device gives you maximum control.

The Skimmer Kayak Motor kit also comes with:

  *  a patented tiller steering system, easy to steer from your seat while facing forward. 

  *  a motor lifting system, for when you are in the shallows 

  * two options of Mounting Plates, Wide and Narrow, depending on the shape of your stern, along with Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts.

The Skimmer Kayak Motor is battery operated with any 12 v battery, including Sealed Lead Acid, Lithium ion, or even a lawn and garden battery.


The 24 lbs of thrust this kayak motor will take you and your kayak quietly through the water at 3-5 mph. 


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