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The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit

The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit

Some people dream of a fun and safe paddling trip,​

We make it happen.
 24 lbs of thrust 
Attach the motor mounting plate to your kayak.
Skimmer Motor, tiller steering and Control devices are easily mounted and 
easily removable for easy transport.

What is The Skimmer?

You might have heard about a new propulsion system or kayak/canoe motor that has been designed specifically for kayaks and canoes... but you probably just assumed that it was expensive, and too difficult or impractical to install. And until now, it was!


The Skimmer” has changed all of that! It is the first propulsion system for personal watercraft that is light-weight, portable, powerful and most importantly... practical and controlled from your seat!

The transition from kayak or canoe to motorized kayak or motorized canoe can make your paddling trips a lot of fun!

Converting a kayak or canoe is easy, and the Skimmer is removable! Use it when you want to!

Skimmer Stats

 “The Skimmer” – A complete propulsion system.

-Lightweight and portable - weighs only 6 lbs

-Rear stern mounted for stability

-Snaps onto the stern Mounting Plate in just a few moments

-Battery operated - 12 v battery

-Wireless on/off Remote Control or Wired Speed Control Operation

-Motor Lifting system for shallow water

-24 lbs trust Propels the craft 3-5 mph

-Lasts 1-5 hours, depending on battery size

-Tiller style hand steering,

-Safe for environment - No pollution, no oil or gas drips

-Sealed Battery (not included)- no leakage. 

-Quiet, almost noiseless, all you hear is water rushing by.  

-Great for touring, fishing, and relaxing

-Return to Port, Dock or Beach safely


The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit is Easy to Install.


Our goal at Watercraft Technologies is to provide paddlers of kayaks and canoes an option of adding a rear mounted, battery operated  trolling motor to their craft, operated in a safe manner while facing forward. to be used when needed or desired.


Our kayaking engineers have designed and patented a simple and inexpensive mounting kit, trolling motor, control box, tiller steering system, and lifting system and tested it extensively in salt and fresh water.​

​The Skimmer is a complete kit, easy to install, simple in design, and easy on the wallet. 


Motorized Kayaking
Imagine the pleasure and tranquility, gliding across a waterway in a battery powered motorized kayak, leisurely cruising along at 3-4 knots, and the only sound you here are the calls of seagulls, ospreys, ducks kingfishers, herons , and the soft gurgling of passing water. 
The Skimmer will get you where you want to go easily and with little effort.
Want exercise? 
Paddle out, motor back!
Return Home Safely

It is an experience that few have ever encountered in their water activities.


Without a doubt, this kayak motor has been the best addition to my kayak since my fishing pole. I can now go twice as far, and I save my energy for fishing, not paddling there.

And I always return safely!

​  Jeff Boyd -

              kayak fisherman,                                 

               Sebastian, FL

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