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Some people dream of a safe and fun kayak or canoe trip. We make it happen.

Kayak Motor = Power


The Skimmer kayak/canoe motor propels your kayak or canoe as fast as a healthy person can paddle vigorously, about 3-4 mph. 

But unlike a healthy paddler, it maintains the propulsion for more than an hour, and up to 5 hours, depending on the size of the 12 volt battery. Even against the current or wind, it maintains forward power.

Kayak Motor = Distance


Going on a long trip in a bay, lake river or ocean? The Skimmer increases your distance capabilities.

Going out on a day trip? Just enjoying nature and the outdoors?

Sit back and relax when needed. let the Skimmer do the work.

Arrive at your destination safely without extreme fatigue and with enough energy to enjoy your journey.

Kayak Motor = More Fish


A person who fishes from a kayak or canoe has a goal of hooking up and battling a  nice size fish. The angler knows it takes time and effort. to land the big one. 

Double your time achieving your goal - Increase your fishing time, increase your time on the water, and increase your fishing holes visits.

And Return Home Safely!

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