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About Us.. 

Our Factory

We are a small, hard-working manufacturing firm based in Fort Pierce, FL.
Established in 2008, we hit the ground running with our our ideas to find a propulsion system for kayaks that is lightweight, safe, and easy to install. No dangerous twisting or turning to steer or control.
Many of our customers have neck, shoulder, or back issues, and The Skimmer gets them back out on the water.
The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit system  is easily controlled comfortably from the kayak seat while facing forward.
We are very fortunate to have found that formula in  "The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit"..
Distributor inquiries are always welcome.

Motor Preparation

Our motors are  24 lb thrust - the perfect thrust for a kayak or canoe. Why? Because it is the perfect size to propel your watercraft at the optimal speed for which it was designed.


We recommend the 24 lb thrust Skimmer for kayaks  9 - 14 feet in length.

Kayaks and canoes are not designed to speed around at high speeds of 8+ mph. Too much weight, drag and resistance creates an unstable ride.Canoes and kayaks are designed to go as fast as a person can paddle for maximum efficiency. 

The original Skimmer is light enough (6 lbs) and can last 3 hours straight on a twenty-five pound 45 amp battery.


They will last 5 hours plus on a 105 amp battery.


Control Box Prep

Our Control boxes are manufactured with an easy to use either a

PWM Remote Control with a dial from 0% to 100%, or a wireless Speed Control with two key fobs


The wires lead to the motor plug, and to a 12 volt battery with spade connections.


The wires are designed to place the battery in the front or back of the kayak.

All parts in the Remote or Speed Control are waterproofed with electric epoxy or a waterproof spray, preserving the electronics, all wire connections are shrink-wrapped twice for long lasting use.

All controls include an in line  Fuse Holder.

The controls are simple - On / Off

or Dial Up 0 - 100%


We do not offer reverse as an option due to the lifting system - the motor would fly out of the water!

The Speed Control box or Control Fobs  can be attached to the PFD or held in the lap.

Tiller Style Steering

Our award winning tiller style steering allows you to sit comfortably and steer the Skimmer with a forward / backward motion, eliminating the need to turn backward uncomfortably just to reach the motor.


The steering rod rests next to you and is connected directly to the Skimmer motor shaft.


All Parts are made of anondized aluminum and stainless steel. The tiller can be extended to six feet long. Easy to connect and extend, you can set up in seconds.


You will be able to steer your watercraft in a complete circle with ease,

Motor Lifting System

Our motor lifting system is so simple, it's unreal!


A bungee cord is attached to the Skimmer Motor Shaft and, with the aid of well placed padeyes, can be "lifted" out of the water when you hit the shallows!

The connection on the Skimmer Motor shaft is made of ZINC, and also acts as a sacrificial anode.

Call Us

“We're a small and growing manufacturing company. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing and and helping you determine if "The Skimmer" is right for you and your kayak! So what are you waiting for?

CALL US! 631.440.6114 

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