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Frequently Asked Questions




What is the difference between the Wireless Remote Control and the Wired Speed Control??


The Wireless Remote Control works best with kayakers that want the freedom of a wireless environment. the control box can be secured to the battery before hand, It is compact and can fit with the battery in the battery box. the range of the wireless is over twenty feet, so there will be no problem for the signal to reach the blue wire antenna. The water resistant control fobs must stay near you, or attached to your life vest.

The Speed Control needs to be connected to both the motor wire and the battery. The waterproof control box stays on your lap or within reach.

Both models offer the same waterproof systems, and are made for salt and fresh water. All electronics are coated and immersed in a dielectric epoxy made for waterproofing electronic components. If you accidentally drop the wire or control box in the water, there will be no damage. But be careful of the Control Fob.


What kind of battery do you suggest?


While we don't sell batteries, we have extensive experience working with all 12 volt batteries. The Skimmer will work with any 12 volt battery. even an old car battery you may have around.

However, we recommend a Sealed Lead Acid - Marine deep Cycle battery.


As far as the size? It depends on your journey type and amount of time you want to spend on the water. Will you be using the Skimmer constantly, or sporadically?



As far as the battery size, This chart tells @ how long a Skimmer motor will run:



Type                                               Amps                 Weight         Straight Run Time


Lawn and Garden Battery              20 amps               16 lbs            1.0 hours

Marine Battery                                55 amps                30 lbs            2.5 hours

Marine Battery                                95 or 105 amps   42/45 lbs       4.5+ hours

A Lithium Ion also works great with the Skimmer. They are more expensive, but last for years.


We hope this helps.




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