Skimmer Kayak Motor

Parts and Accessories

These Component parts are sold separately from the kit and are usually shipped within 2 days.

All prices include shipping costs.

Wireless Remote Control System

The Wireless Remote  Control  Device for easy On/Off control of your Skimmer Motor. Just attach the device to your battery, and use one of the two (2) On/Off remote control fobs. 


$95.00, includes shipping

Wired Speed
Control System

Speed Control Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) Speed Control Device for easy control of your desired speed on the water.  


$105.00, includes shipping

Skimmer Mini Prop
Watersnake Mini Prop.jpg
Prop side view.jpg

$28.00, includes shipping

Skimmer Mounting Plate

4.5 inches wide, this Narrow mounting plate is easy to cut to your desired length; especially for sit-inside kayaks.

red white.png

$75.00, includes all hardware for installation and shipping

Heading 1

Skimmer Mounting Plate

12 inches wide, this Wide mounting plate is used for most sit on top kayaks or SUPs


$85.00, includes all hardware for installation and shipping

Skimmer Tiller Steering System

This unique Tiller steering system allows the user to steer the craft while facing forward, thus creating a stable ride. This aluminum telescopic steering device connects directly to the Skimmer Motor shaft and has a wide range of steering. 


$115.00, includes all SS and aluminum, tubes and shipping