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How to install the Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit

Step 1 - Mounting the Skimmer's Plate -
  Whale's Tail Style-
You have the option of using Toggle bolts, or Bolts and wing nuts, depending on accessibility to the inside of the kayak.

Step 2 - Installing the Foam Strips.

Neoprene Foam strips are included to "Level off" the ridges, peaks and indentations of the kayak orcanoe


Step 3a - How to install the Narrow shaped plate, and use the Toggle Bolts to secure the plate to a kayak that does NOT have access to the stern.


This video also shows the way to cut a plate, and line up the plate for proper installation, as well as applying the neoprene strips.

Step 3 - Using Bolt and wing nuts to mount the Skimmer Plate in a kayak with access to the inside

Step 4 - How to attach the Skimmer Motor shaft to the mounted plate.

Now that you have attached the plate to the kayak stern, it's easy to mount the motor shaft directly to the plate and secure with a lockpin.

This video also shows how to install the propeller, and connect the wire harness to the battery.


Step 5 - How to Install the Tiller Steering. The key to steering the Skimmer is the award winning patented Tiller Steering System. This system allows the controller to steer his/her kayak or canoe in a safe and easy manner, without uncomfortable and dangerous positions (i.e. leaning back and reaching).   This steering is made of anondized aluminum and stainless steel fittings.


Step 6 - How to Install the Skimmer Motor Lifting System -
This system is so simple, it's easy! Raising the Skimmer motor in shallow water is a must. The operator has that control with a pull on the parachute cord that tilts the motor in the "UP" position. Extra pad eyes and screws are included.


Tips and Techniques -

Special tips and techniques that make motorized kayaking easier and more safe.  Includes the benefits of a battery box, Holding the Control Box, and using a Paddle Holder.

"Return to Home port, dock, or beach safely"

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